Research Chatter 1: Venture Accelerators

We discuss the latest research on seed accelerators for new founding teams. What are they? Do they actually accelerate new ventures? What are researchers finding about how accelerators impact founders, firms, cities, and regions?

2 thoughts on “Research Chatter 1: Venture Accelerators

  1. Here are the references that Ronnie and Charlie mention in the podcast

    Recent Research on Business Accelerators

    • Carmel, E., & Richman, J. (2013). Building International Social Capital at the Startup Chile Accelerator. Available at SSRN 2326003.
    • Cohen, S. (2013). What Do Accelerators Do? Insights from Incubators and Angels. innovations, 8(3-4), 19-25.
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    • Fehder, D. C., & Hochberg, Y. V. (2014). Accelerators and the regional supply of venture capital investment. Available at SSRN.
    • Hallen, B. L., Bingham, C. B., & Cohen, S. (2014, January). Do Accelerators Accelerate? A Study of Venture Accelerators as a Path to Success?. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2014, No. 1, p. 12955).
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    • Radojevich-Kelley, N., & Hoffman, D. L. (2012). Analysis of accelerator companies: An exploratory case study of their programs, processes, and early results. Small Business Institute Journal, 8(2), 54-70. LINK. Case studies: 3 within-case and 3 between-case analyses. Mentorship driven programs increase the overall success rates.
    • Smith, S. W., & Hannigan, T. J. Swinging for the fences: How do top accelerators impact the trajectories of new ventures? Working Paper
    • Yu, Sandy. (2014). The Impact of Accelerators on High-Technology Ventures. Available at SSRN 2503510.

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  2. Are venture accelerators different from business incubators?
    If the answer is yes, what kind of differences they have.
    If there is no such different, why we should use different words to describe the same thing.
    Thank you so much~


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